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Online platform that delivers telemental health now open for consultation

Online mental health platform Infinit Care launches in the Philippines to help companies in supporting the mental and emotional needs of their employees, especially amid the pandemic.

Infinit Care is an online platform that delivers telemental health services led by an experienced and licensed team of mental health professionals.

“Overall health and safety should be regarded with a more holistic approach,” said Anne Ordoña, GM, Infinit Care. “The definition of ‘health’ is no longer limited to physical health but now should take into account one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. We, at Infinit Care, aim to support the responsibilities of companies to ensure that a healthy work environment — in all aspects, is maintained.”

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Providing complete accessibility and easy adoption, Infinit Care leverages the power of technology by delivering counseling virtually through various means including text (or SMS), voice, and video with its network of psychologists, counselors, and therapists. This allows patients to consult with professionals without having to leave their homes.

Group counseling

Aside from one-on-one sessions, Infinit also offers the various including webinars, group counseling, managerial training for mental health first aid, and a helpline designed to support employees’ mental and emotional needs to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

“We understand that the pandemic has different effects on everyone. In the workplace, mental illness greatly affects productivity and as a result, employees resort to quitting their jobs. However, with the pandemic, business leaders have realized the urgency to address existing or developing mental health issues in the workplace through various initiatives,” said Ordoña.

Employee assistance program

Since its launch, Infinit Care has worked with corporations across industries including aviation, business processing outsourcing, financial services, insurance, legal services, real estate, technology, and tourism. Infinit Care enables companies to lead with humanity and compassion through employee assistance programs with modules such as change management, engagement and productivity.

For more information on the packages and services offered, visit Infinit Care.