OPPO introduces latest innovations to power the future

As the world becomes more connected, OPPO is reimagining a tech-driven future with its latest array of innovations. At “OPPO INNO Day 2021,” OPPO unveiled breakthrough technologies, showcasing its understanding of consumer behavior in the digital world.

OPPO’s first foldable smartphone, OPPO Find N, took center stage and the news of Air Glass and MariSilicon X were also well-received. However, the device manufacturer also introduced a number of noteworthy innovations.

OPPO Retractable Camera

Introducing the OPPO Retractable Camera, OPPO provides an equivalent focal length of 52 mm (2X Optical zoom) when the camera extends, allowing for a large 1/1.56-inch SONY IMX766 sensor to be housed. It supports optical image stabilization (OIS), auto-focus (AF), and is flush with the rest of the camera module when retracted. The OPPO Retractable Camera takes just 0.6s to fully retract for drop protection and is also splash and dust resistant.

OPPO Under-screen Camera (USC)

OPPO USC offers innovative pixel geometry to ensure a 400-PPI high-quality display by slightly shrinking the size of each pixel without decreasing the number of pixels. It is also equipped with consistent full-screen display accuracy. Each pixel circuit drives only 1 pixel (“1-to-1”), providing precise control over the chromaticity and brightness of the entire screen with only a 2% deviation. OPPO USC champions the use of proprietary AI image algorithms to accurately model the diffraction and apply compensation to images.

OPPO Digital Human

OPPO Digital Human is OPPO’s self-developed hyper-realistic virtual character technology that can talk, move, and interact like a real person. Equipped with AI capabilities including semantic recognition, feature recognition, voice synthesis, lip-syncing, and dynamic expressions, OPPO Digital Human can replicate up to 30 different kinds of facial patterns and expressions, making user interaction more realistic and immersive.

Apart from being able to communicate verbally and through emotive expressions, OPPO Digital Human can also “see” real humans. Based on visual recognition, it can act as a virtual fitness coach and take on more tasks in the future, such as livestream host or customer service representative.

OPPO CybeReal 2.0

Augmented Reality or AR is among the experiences that OPPO is eyeing as digital interactions continue to change. Thus, OPPO combines the physical and virtual worlds with OPPO CybeReal 2.0, which unlocks limitless possibilities when it comes to future AR experiences and smart navigation systems.

Powered by OPPO’s latest spatial computing and positioning technologies, OPPO CybeReal 2.0 can provide highly accurate position and orientation in regard to the physical environment with a high interference tolerance but low power consumption. It is achieved by collecting environmental data and building a virtual replica of the real world using smartphone cameras, Bluetooth sensors, etc.

Remote Racing powered by OPPO 5G smartphone

OPPO and Ericsson are currently working on a research project that is focused on developing applications that will enable 5G Remote Racing. Through 5G Remote Racing, players can remotely control a high-power RC car via 5G SA networks with OPPO 5G smartphones, experiencing the thrill of 70km/h racing anytime and anywhere. 5G Remote Racing fully utilizes the low latency and large bandwidth of 5G SA networks to achieve a minimum latency of 10ms, creating a unified connection between driver and car.