Oracle Journeys enables HR teams deliver AI-powered processes, support for employees

With a workforce and setup permanently altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, global technology firm Oracle designed a platform that is intended to simplify human resource (HR) management. Built in the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Journeys is meant to be intuitive and personalized to support employees.

Oracle Journeys is an all-in-one platform wherein employees can access work-related essentials and complete complex tasks.

“As offices reopen, it will be critical to provide consistent and positive experiences both in the office and for remote workers but it doesn’t stop there,” said Chris Leone, senior vice president of development, Oracle Cloud HCM. “Organizations need to provide guidance throughout an employee’s entire career, from training to finding a mentor, returning to the workplace, and eventually traveling safely. Oracle Journeys will help HR teams provide value beyond traditional HR processes by tailoring unique experiences for their workforce.”

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With Oracle Journyes, HR will be able “to create, tailor, and deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through events as diverse as onboarding, having a baby, returning to the workplace, launching a new product, or growing their career.”

Employees will be able to find organizational resources in the platorm. They will receive guidance on particular tasks making it so much easier to navigate new workflows. Oracle said that by providing easy access to (artificial intelligence) AI-recommended processes tailored to individual needs, the solution helps employees save time and improve productivity.

Oracle Journeys features

Meant as an entry point, employees of different employment status will have a different Journeys Launchpad. New hires won’t have to see tasks that are meant for those whose tenure are longer than them. Employees going back to the office will find on their dashboard Return to Work Safely Journey, which will aid them in navigating the new office landscape.

HR teams and managers are basically in control of the what employees will see on the platform. Depending on company requirements, the teams will have the ability to tailor the content based on company policies and brand guidelines.Organizations can also adapt them to include cross-enterprise tasks, and create Journeys like Manage My Expenses or Launch a New Product. Available templates include Onboarding, Return to the Workplace, Parental Leave, Relocation, Illness or Injury, and Return from Leave.

Journeys Booster will helps integrate HR processes and other business functions such as finance, operations, and facilities management with third-party systems and external applications. This enables end-to-end process completion in a single experience, supported by the process automation capabilities of Oracle Process Cloud, with minimal coding needed. Journeys Booster automates requests and services across HR, IT, and other work systems and can also be expanded via HR Helpdesk when additional support is needed within workflows.