PayMaya introduces ‘PayMaya Verified Sellers’ feature

Fintech firm PayMaya introduced PayMaya Verified Sellers, a feature that makes transactions to give both sellers and buyers some peace of mind. Legitimate sellers using the PayMaya wallet as the preferred mode of payment can get a special badge that marks them as PayMaya Verified Sellers.  
To get this special badge, PayMaya Verified Sellers will undergo another layer of screening to ensure that they are legitimate online businesses and are on good standing, on top of the standard registration and upgrade process for PayMaya app users. For sellers, this badge from PayMaya is a stamp of approval, a way to let consumers know that they are legitimate and trustworthy businesses that have passed the financial institution’s rigorous background check.

Once verified, the badge will appear beside the seller’s name that customers can easily spot right before they transfer their payments in-app. 

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PayMaya sees that this feature as an added security against online scammers, a pain point currently experienced by sellers and buyers alike. 
Useful features to boost business 
PayMaya Verified Sellers will enjoy additional benefits to help boost their business. They can be featured on PayMaya’s official social media pages and in-app Maya Mall to reach millions of PayMaya users and potential customers.  
When they are ready to expand their business, PayMaya is prepared to support them as they can increase their monthly limit up to P1,000,000, allowing them to grow their business even further. PayMaya Verified Sellers can also enjoy exclusive discounts on bills, groceries, deliveries, and waived bank transfers by simply using their PayMaya app for their everyday transactions.  

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