PLDT Enterprise launches zero-trust cloud networking solution with NetFoundry tie-up

PLDT Enterprise has tapped NetFoundry, a company that provides programmable cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) networking, to launch the PLDT ZAP (Zero-Trust Acceleration Platform) solution, which is geared toward corporate clients.

PLDT ZAP solution aims to enable businesses to easily spin up and create software-defined networks (SDN) in the cloud, without the need to build or manage any underlying infrastructure. It enables secure and optimized connectivity between users and applications across any set of clouds and networks.

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“This technology and partnership with Netfoundry enable us to better cater and support emerging market needs and use cases,” said Jojo Gendrano, FVP and head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions. ”In the current pandemic situation, where the demand for work from home increased and ubiquitous access to applications has become an essential business need, PLDT ZAP easily scales up and delivers dramatic performance improvements, enabling an increase in application throughput resulting in a much better user experience even for bandwidth-intensive and mission-critical enterprise applications.”

“NetFoundry has enabled businesses to spin up application-specific zero-trust-based secured networks on-demand within minutes connecting users, clouds, devices, data centers, and app embedded XaaS environments,” said Dipesh Ranjan, VP and managing director for Asia Pacific of NetFoundry. “NetFoundry has unified the network and app worlds, and we are more than happy that PLDT Enterprise has partnered with us for this.”