PLDT Global enables OFW access to global health info, helplines on

PLDT Global Corp. (PGC) collaborates with and Multisys Technologies Corp. (Multisys) to be able to provide access to overseas Filipinos on global health info and helplines on the COVID-19 contact tracing, health condition reporting, and social distancing platform is a Digital Bayanihan platform that allows its users to protect their loved ones and community by voluntarily answering a series of questions about their health status without disclosing their personal identity. Based on the users’ responses, it classifies individuals as being in good health or experiencing mild symptoms or severe conditions.

With PLDT Global, is now equipped with new features such as an International Hotline Directory covering more than 180 countries and the provision to use the Facebook log-in ID on the site, enabling global Filipinos easy access to more information about COVID-19 and to seek immediate help within their host country.

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To help raise awareness about, PGC will also send in-app notifications to almost one million Free Bee users worldwide and promote the website to partner online communities. Free Bee is an app that allows overseas Filipinos to make two-minute phone calls for free to their loved ones in the Philippines.

Staysafe mobile app

“With this partnership, overseas Filipinos can use to report their health condition in order to guide the Philippine government’s initiatives for COVID-19 contact tracing and response,” said Katrina Luna-Abelarde, CEO, PLDT Global. “Through this, we hope to help our fellow Filipinos during this time of crisis, wherever they are in the world,” she added.

MultiSys also recently launched the StaySafe mobile app on Google Play so that users can easily download the service on their smartphones. Just like the website, the app also features information about COVID-19 on top of the new contact-tracing and area scanning services, among others.

Real-time information

This information will enable healthcare providers of local governments and private sector organizations to assist people with COVID-related health concerns and provide real-time information that can help authorities take the proper actions to control the pandemic.

PLDT Enterprise Group had partnered earlier with MultiSys to whitelist the website and app, which allows Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers to access the platform without consuming mobile data allocation.