Hasty Market Store

PLDT Global launches Smart e-load services at Canada’s Hasty Market

Filipinos in Canada will now have access to Smart Communications Inc’s (Smart) electronic load through the partnership of PLDT Global Corporation (PGC) and Hasty Market.

Under this agreement, customers will now be able to conveniently purchase Smart and TNT e-load products for themselves or to send them to their family members in the Philippines in over 200 Hasty Market locations across Ontario, Canada. A homegrown company recognized for variety, quality, and convenience, the Canadian food store chain has been serving local communities since 1981.

Quoting the Department of Foreign Affairs website, Smart said that as of 2016, Ontario, Canada is home to over 53,000 Filipinos.

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“This partnership enables us to bring our services closer to more Filipinos abroad so that they can strengthen their connections with their loved ones back home,” said Albert Villa-Real, SVP and chief commercial officer at PGC. “We want to make technology easy and accessible to every Filipino, as we fuel their passions and help them realize their purpose wherever they are in the world.”

Roaming customers

As the international arm of the Philippines’ largest, fully integrated telco PLDT, PGC has been providing products and services to roaming customers of Smart, PLDT’s wireless unit, and migrant Filipinos all over the world through its multiple partnerships with international carriers and distributors.

Through its International Carrier and Business Group, Smart has also teamed up with 21 partners in 16 countries to provide worry-free Smart 5G roaming services.

PGC has also expanded its mobile app Free Bee, the go-to app for calls, messaging, bill payments, and a platform where like-minded brands can reach a wider overseas Filipino market.