PLDT to roll out 10,000-Mbps broadband service

Integrated services provider PLDT Inc. announced on Friday that it will offer 10,000 Mbps fiber-optic service in the Philippines starting December 2021. The broadband service will be available initially in Metro Manila and in nearby areas by the second quarter of next year.

As the pandemic redefined the future of work, which many see will be hybrid (onsite and remote), the need for fast internet has never been more pronounced to ensure seamless business operations.

According to PLDT, the new service will put the country at par with nations known for “ultra-fast home internet speed” such as Japan, South Korea, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

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“We (at PLDT) are doing all these for our north star — our customers: business owners, professionals, tech mavericks with very large homes, multiple high-bandwidth users with multiple screens,” said Alfredo Panlilio, president and CEO, PLDT. “And with all that life requires of them, they need the fastest home broadband powered by the fastest network. And we are more than ready to give them what they need – all 10,000 of it.”

Smart homes

According to PLDT, the 10,000 Mbps offering is the culmination of PLDT Home’s year-long network expansion program in 2021.

“PLDT Home continues to innovate and make a difference in the lives of our customers,” said Butch Jimenez, SVP and head of PLDT Home Business. “With our all-new, upgraded, and fastest internet speed, Filipino homes will now be able to experience and enjoy the future — that is the smart home.”

The new offering will also cater to the growing number of smart homes in the Philippines. PLDT Home’s new Fiber Plan comes with a WiFi 6 Mesh System that promises ultra-fast WiFi speeds covering an area of over 550 square meters.

“PLDT Home’s fiber will not just power smart homes, but also new metaverse applications that are currently in development around the globe,” said Jeremiah De La Cruz, senior advisor for Home Business, PLDT.

Details on pricing will be revealed during the rollout in December.

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