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Red Dot Analytics to commercialize tech that improves data center sustainability

Red Dot Analytics (RDA), a spin-off from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, has completed a seed fund round with investment from IMO Ventures, Avior Capital, and GSR Ventures. The investment will enable RDA to commercialize its research into commercially viable services and applications.

RDA has started an artificial intelligence (AI) driven digital twin solution, also known as a cognitive digital twin, that helps transform data center operations and management. The technology pivots on a network of industry-grade digital twins, cross-calibrated with operational data from existing IoT (Internet of Things) devices by an AI agent. The network of twins serves two purposes to synthesize a large volume of self-labeled operational data for AI model training and validate control policies derived from well-trained AI models, in a dual cycle loop manner.

The research and development work is led by Prof. Wen Yonggang, a full Professor and President’s Chair of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU. Wen said that “surging demand for digital services translates to more data centers being built, which naturally brings about concerns as to their associated energy consumption and the consequent impact on climate change.”

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The digital twin technology enables data center operators to apply AI-driven digital transformation to solve a big dilemma in the industry: How to achieve energy efficiency without compromising its availability.

“Our technology improves the sustainability of data centers in terms of their energy and carbon footprint, as it greatly increases the productivity, efficiency, and resiliency of a data center’s facilities,” Wen said. “Another benefit is that capital and operational expenditure investment in a data center can be reduced.”

The investors cited the team of researchers, the importance of the data center industry and its increasing impact on climate change, along with the brilliance of RDA’s technology as their reasons to invest in commercializing RDA’s technology.

RDA is a spinoff from NTU and received an initial investment from Yincubator, and grants from Enterprise Singapore.