Media Release

REX Book Store showcases latest learning solutions at EduTECH Philippines 2019

“EduTECH Philippines” is a conference of the technology industry´s solutions providers whose works are geared toward advancing the field of education through technology innovations. The event was held at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia last month, where REX Book Store joined as one of the participants.

The REX booth featured Quidbots, electronic building blocks that are modular, magnetic, color-coded, and reusable. The building kit could inspire students to innovate, invent, and create solutions based on a program aligned with K-12. With the kit, students can learn how to make simple machines and applications like alarm systems, switches, and simple tools.


The booth also featured Schoology, a learning management system that serves as a platform for connecting students, parents, and educators all in a single, cohesive, and easy-to-use digital learning environment. Another learning solution featured is TestPro, a digital exam builder tool that helps educators create their own customized exams for Basic Education students.

Scottie Go

A new coding program was also introduced, with students and participants inquiring about Scottie Go, a tile-based learning app that helps young learners become familiar with the basic concepts of programming and acquire skills as they navigate through space travel-themed adventure game.

The idea behind REX´s booth this year was how technology has helped transform the field of education into something more oriented toward how young learners must be able to creatively solve and adapt to problems and innovate with their own solutions. With the help of products that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills, REX hopes that students will be able to form and come up with their own inventions, prototypes that will solve everyday problems, letting them think outside the box and become ready for the challenges that lay ahead in the future.