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Shopee rolls out co-streaming feature to engage shoppers on Shopee Live

Live selling is gaining popularity as e-commerce platform Shopee steps up its own live features. Banking on the entertainment value of live streams as a strategy to attract more shoppers, it now provides a more interactive online buying experience through the new co-streaming feature on Shopee Live.

Shopee Live allows live stream hosts to co-stream with one of their viewers for a more engaging experience for both.

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“It helps me engage with viewers,” said Miccolo Solis, Shopee seller and influencer. “I can check their opinion on certain topics, especially about the products.”

Polls also allow him to inquire about his customers’ specific requests, budget range, and preferred styles. In addition, Solis also hosts games on Shopee Live to keep his viewers interested.

For fellow influencer Quinito Villarosa, it’s the latest “Mine” feature that gives him feedback on what content customers want to see next, or what items they want to see featured or reviewed. To maintain a strong relationship with viewers, Villarosa connects with them even after the live stream ends.


“I do a lot of ‘OffLive’ engagement. I still interact with them after the live streams, usually inside the many group chats we have on Facebook Messenger and even Instagram,” said Villarosa.

Solis is excited to use the new Shopee Live Co-streaming feature as it gives him the opportunity to interact directly with viewers, making the live stream session more fun, enjoyable, and engaging. Villarosa, on the other hand, is already prepping for his next live stream.

“I’m already asking my viewers what they want to see during my live stream so I can order it ahead of time. Being able to hold the items personally makes for a more interactive live stream experience,” Villarosa said.

With in-app features like Shopee Live, Shopee said it continues to improve the platform to make e-commerce more accessible and engaging for everyone. Solis and Villarosa encouraged other influencers to take advantage of Shopee Live and its many features as well.

“Just do it, it always starts with one step. Make it a habit and always enjoy the live videos. Watch other live streamers, observe what they are doing, and apply best practices to your own live stream,” said Solis.

Villarosa added that doing live streams is an opportunity to widen their networks.

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