Signify reports 9.5% drop in carbon emission, unveils energy-efficient products

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting announced recently it is inching closer to its 2020 sustainability growth after recording a 9.5% drop in its carbon emissions and an increase in the number of carbon-neutral markets from 15 to 19.

The lighting company also increased its share of renewable energy to 94% and generated 82.5% of its revenues from energy-efficient products, systems, and services.

“Signify is confident that it will accomplish the goals set by its Brighter Lives, Better World sustainability program which reflects its commitment towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” according to a media release.

Have you read “Signify introduces Philips Hue lights”“Signify introduces Philips Hue lights”?

In 2020, Signify said it intends to further ramp up its sustainability efforts in business through innovations built around the circular economy, collaboration with progressive partners, and renewable energy.

Luma, Iridium

Signify is expected to launch two street luminaires, Luma and Iridium, that meets the requirements of a circular economy. These are easy to install and maintain and can be connected to City Management Systems such as Interact City.

These two luminaires can be configured and upgraded when future advancement efficacies are available. With the introduction of GearFlex, this allows the opening and maintenance of these products without the use of tools, a unique feature of these luminaires.

Horticulture LEDs

Signify will also expand its collaboration with Planet Farms, a leading European operator of vertical farms in Italy, through the Philips GreenPower LED Production Module managed by the Philips GrowWise Control System. With this technology, PlanetFarms can now produce aromatic herbs and lettuce to its customers all year-round, regardless of the season.

Signify will increase the number of places where solar lighting will be a feature through the Philips Combo Charge Controller which enables the emergence of hybrid solar systems. This technology is expected to increase the lumen output of solar street lights to 24,000 lumens and support wireless remote motion functionality. The Combo Charge Controller will also increase the efficiency and reliability of LEDs within its scope.

IoT sensor

Signify has launched the new Philips IoT sensor bundles which aim to collect and deliver data via the Interact Office connected systems, which enables offices to monitor their office environment and optimize conditions for employee health and well-being. The new sensor bundles can monitor occupancy, number of people, temperature, noise and daylight levels, and relative humidity. The technology is also Bluetooth-enabled, providing indoor positioning and navigation capabilities.

The Philips IoT sensor will be available in May 2020.