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SkillAssure aims to address skills gap in IT industry

SkillAssure, a competency development program, will soon be offering certificate courses in the Philippines to enable professionals either upskill or train for new skills. Founded and based in India, SkillAssure’s courses are designed specifically to meet the skill-set requirement of the software industry.

The tech industry is perhaps one of the most fast-paced industries today. Jobs become obsolete as new technologies emerged, which require new skills and competency.

Brought to the Philippines by Rabah Consulting Corp. (Rabah), a stakeholder relations company, which partnered with Pratian Technologies, a tech company in Bangalore, India, SkillAssure will start offering “rapid and high-level information technology (IT) certificate courses to Filipinos.”

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“What ignited our purpose is to connect people with their infinite potential,” said Subramanian Sivakumar, chair and CEO, Pratian Technologies. “We believe that everyone has infinite potential, we would like to be the medium for people to get connected.”


To achieve this, Sivakumar said SkillAssure created three accelerators: talent, innovation, and startup accelerator. SkillAssure is a business unit of Pratian technologies that provides IT skilling and assessment services. Pratian group of companies is an IT organization established in 2006, India. It has now a presence in seven different countries across the globe, including the Philippines.

“It’s an ecosystem we have built globally, which allows people to go through from entry-level scaling to having a startup on their own so they can become an entrepreneur if they choose to be one,” Sivakumar said. “They can also look at serious research and development innovation work for R&D companies.”

Ideally, candidates have to have a college degree to be able to qualify for the 150 IT courses SkillAssure offers. But Rabah configured it for the Philippines where it is not required for those who are interested to enroll to have finished a university course.

“As the coronavirus pandemic persists, threatening livelihood and businesses, Filipinos need to equip themselves with better skill sets to thrive in the new normal,” said Andrea Trinidad, CEO, Rabah.

As an introduction and to encourage professionals and non-professionals who want to acquire new IT skills, SkillAssure is offering the SkillAssure Discoveri Program, a five-day free intensive training and assessment on Industry 4.0 technologies and frameworks. Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the “Industrial Revolution” that focuses on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

The program will have an instructor-led session via live webinar, live interaction with industry professionals, collaboration sessions, the experience of the Software Development Life Cycle, and about 20 different technologies and eight different tools. During the session, students will discover their area of interest in the technology landscape.

This will be offered to senior high school graduates, technical-vocational completers, graduating college students, new hires, and professionals in the Philippines. The session is free for students across the country.

People living in the Philippines can also avail of blockchain, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence skills through SkillAssure. The IT certificate course training will be tentatively launched in October this year in the Philippine market.

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