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Snowflake provides data cloud solutions to climate tech startup

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has announced that Unravel Carbon, a climate technology startup, has selected the Snowflake Data Cloud to integrate its emissions inventory databases and decarbonization solutions. The collaboration aims to help organizations become more climate-conscious.

Unravel Carbon, based in Singapore, focuses on assisting large and medium-sized companies in tracking and reducing its carbon emissions. Through its AI-powered carbon decarbonization platform, Unravel Carbon analyzes accounting information to provide comprehensive insights into the carbon footprint across the entire supply chain. The company then recommends climate solutions to achieve net-zero emissions. 

Unravel Carbon’s client base includes esteemed organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, Global Fashion Group, and the central bank of Singapore, spanning 25 countries.

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Addressing climate change

Recognizing that Asia accounts for 60% of global emissions, Unravel Carbon’s goal is to enable companies to measure, track, reduce, and report their carbon emissions quickly and at scale, contributing to solutions for current and future generations.

Despite the urgency of addressing climate change, Unravel Carbon discovered that only 10,000 out of 400 million companies worldwide are currently measuring their carbon footprints. To assist companies in the decarbonization process, Unravel Carbon required a platform that is easy to use and scalable to meet customer needs. This approach allows companies to reduce business risk and explore growth opportunities aligned with climate consciousness.

Unravel Carbon turned to Snowflake to unify its datasets, enabling customers to spend less time on measurement and more time on decarbonization efforts to achieve their sustainability goals. Traditional approaches to analyzing a company’s entire production typically require six to nine months of manual consulting work. With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Unravel Carbon customers can report their carbon footprint within minutes, if not seconds.

Building databases

Unravel Carbon chose Snowflake due to the company’s commitment to building data-driven solutions that have a reduced impact on the environment, aligning with Unravel Carbon’s goals. Leveraging Snowflake’s user-friendly platform, Unravel Carbon can swiftly build and harness databases that identify emission hotspots while minimizing carbon emissions compared to legacy solutions. The platform also enables Unravel Carbon to integrate structured and unstructured data from various sources, driving effective decarbonization initiatives.

Since integrating Snowflake’s solutions, Unravel Carbon has experienced significant improvements in data-driven, climate-aware decision-making over the past three months. The company also plans to establish the world’s largest repository for every service on Snowflake, contributing to the low carbon economy.

Snowflake views sustainability as a “Data Problem” and aims to be a leader in solving data and business challenges for the greater good using its Data Cloud platform capabilities. The company is committed to this journey as a global business partner, an employer, and a community member. Sanjay Deshmukh, Senior Regional Vice President of ASEAN and India at Snowflake, expressed excitement about collaborating with Unravel Carbon, leveraging data, data analytics, and AI for the benefit of helping more companies across the Asia Pacific region become more sustainable.