Software firm offers free trials of cloud-based mobile, omnichannel solutions

SAP, a software management solutions company, has started offering free 30-day trials of two of its services through its SAP Digital Interconnect group.

The SAP People Connect 365 mobile service is the cloud-based mobile service that allows businesses to locate, contact, and communicate with employees during emergencies and business disruptions. The SAP Contact Center 365 cloud service is the cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution that enables frictionless customer service.

“With COVID-19 creating uncertainty across industries and posing critical challenges for the way organizations run their business, we wanted to provide our customers with the tools they need to communicate effectively and serve their employees, extended staff and customers,” said Rohit Tripathi, head of products, SAP Digital Interconnect Group, SAP. “While many companies have moved to remote work, it is more important than ever to stay connected with employees and customers. Both SAP People Connect 365 and SAP Contact Center 365 enable streamlined communication and effective customer interaction.”

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SAP People Connect 365 provides organizations with the tools to help control, manage and measure their responsiveness to local and global events that affect their business or institution. It uses predefined business rules and keywords, dynamic risk monitoring and automated processes and response tracking. Throughout the trial period, users will also have access to:

  • A reliable integrated COVID-19 data feed
  • Risk monitoring and alert feeds
  • HR data integration, group management and mobile number validation
  • Cloud-based mobile notification services
  • Autoalert emergency notifications and multichannel capabilities

SAP Contact Center 365 facilitates innovative multichannel communication with customers through calls, e-mail, chats, video chats, and SMS. Users that take part in the free trial will be able to experience the supervisor dashboard for a real-time view of contact flow and team management. They will also see how channel blending and contact routing works in practice. Throughout the trial period, users will have access to a sample configuration, including:

  • Five ready-to-use customer service representative user roles and one team lead user role
  • A comprehensive set of agent productivity tools
  • Preconfigured channels, queues, routing, telemarketing campaigns and more

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Request your free trial of SAP People Connect 365. Register for a free trial of SAP Contact Center 365. Please note that additional restrictions may apply for both free trials.

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