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StackLeague Season 2 attracts over 10,000 contestants

StackLeague, a year-round online programming league, now has over 10,000 contestants in the Philippines vying for the P10 million cash prize pool, free training, and opportunities to connect with the nation’s best developers.

StackLeague Season 1 was supported by some of the biggest tech companies: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture, Jobstreet, and over 20 tech communities. With over 30 tech events for players to participate in throughout the year, Season 2 is promised to be even bigger and better. StackLeague is open to developers at all levels.

P10 million cash prizes

StackLeague Season 2 officially launched on Feb. 22, 2022, and opened the virtual coding arena to start the league’s official scoring. Players solve challenges to earn points and win weekly cash prizes and thousands of giveaways.

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In addition, top players will be recognized as StackLeague Featured Programmers and will receive nationwide media recognition through press releases. StackLeague is the best place to showcase your skills to the tech community and companies.

With its goal to help the country’s programmers improve their skills and grow their careers, StackLeague organizes tech and career sessions throughout the year, in partnership with the industry’s leading resource speakers. These webinars are free. Participants will be awarded certificates for joining and completing each session.

Inspiring the nation into coding

StackLeague players can also inspire the nation into coding by being StackLeague Ambassadors. StackLeague Ambassadors earn points by inviting more players to join the league and by sharing their competitive journey through blogs. Ambassadors of the Month get to enjoy P3,000 cash and a StackLeague shirt, while the Ambassador of the Year would get P20,000 cash and a StackLeague jacket.

This year, StackLeague brings more opportunities to participants with the support of new industry partners including Deltek, Coding Chiefs, Recruit Day,, and more.

Also working with StackLeague to reach more programmers and connect them with opportunities are media partners including SparkUp, Wazzup Pilipinas, APPSGADGET, Back End News, Blooing, Androidist, Corner Magazine PH, Megabites, and Manila Republic.

Be a part of StackLeague 2022

Challenge and level up your skills, get rewarded with cash prizes and giveaways, connect with the nation’s best coders, and access to thousands of tech job opportunities. Sign up here.