Stratpoint nOps Cloud Management

Stratpoint addresses the complexities of cloud services with nOps management

As companies adopt cloud-based infrastructure, large volumes of data are generated and stored in the cloud, introducing new security issues. Due to technical requirements and an industry-wide lack of technical skills, many organizations will need the services of a cloud services provider to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data.

Cloud service providers can also provide migration services to help enterprises move applications to the cloud or provide on-premises facilities based on business requirements. The increased use of cloud-based applications addresses modern customer requirements to access information anywhere and securely.

However, the biggest struggle that many companies will find when expanding their use of cloud technology is cloud management — the process of maintaining oversight and administrative control of cloud computing resources and services. Without effective cloud management, organizations risk the potential for issues related to security, performance, and efficiency, as well as unnecessary costs.

Stratpoint enables businesses optimize cloud-based solutions

Cloud infrastructure spending grew by 12.5% in Q1 2021 — IDC

Remediating cloud challenges

To improve cloud management in the Philippine market and the rest of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, Stratpoint Technologies is leveraging its deep understanding of cloud migration and the importance of cloud management. Stratpoint is collaborating with nOps, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud management platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

With the help of nOps, Stratpoint helps its customers rapidly execute AWS infrastructure assessments, known as AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews, to identify and remediate high-risk issues (HRIs). They go beyond simple “lift and shift” of applications to the cloud to help clients design and implement an architecture that fully leverages AWS technology. The strategic partnership includes collaboration on training, support, and a go-to-market focused on cost optimization and security best practices in the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

The nOps cloud management solution has enabled Stratpoint to help its customers save an average of more than 15% per month in AWS costs, translating to an annual savings of $20,000 or P1 million.


“We chose nOps as our cloud management partner because, as users ourselves, we find it is the best tool to manage cloud usage and costs. It works well with AWS, the leading cloud platform globally, which works well for us as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner,” said Mary Rose Dela Cruz, CEO, Stratpoint.

She added that the partnership with nOps comes at a “fortunate time as companies that have adopted digital and cloud technologies are more equipped to get to the other side of the massive economic shift that is happening today.”

“Stratpoint and many of our clients have long been cloud-native. Together with nOps, we will help Filipino and Asean businesses build resilience now and be future-ready,” Dela Cruz said.

The collaboration brings nOps into the Philippines market, expanding the company’s representation in Asia. This helps their rapid-growth customers build, monitor, and run secure and optimized AWS infrastructures aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework and other industry best practices.

“As an nOps user, Stratpoint has experienced first-hand the benefits that nOps brings to the Well-Architected Review process. And its ability to deliver insights into any changes in the AWS environment that can impact cost, security, and availability,” said JT Giri, founder and CEO, nOps.