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TaskUs shares technologies that make dating apps ‘enjoyable’

Quoting a study by Rakuten Insight and Statista Global Research, digital outsourcing provider TaskUs said 48% of Filipinos admit to using dating apps. Among those, 28% said they spend several hours a week using the app.

With over 92.8 million active social media users (Hootsuite, We Are Social 2022) in the country, TaskUs said online dating will potentially continue to grow.

“The business of dating apps is a $2.5-plus billion industry and, with 1,500 of them in the world, a great app experience should be as important as the match,” TaskUs said in a media release. “This is why digital outsourcing providers are steadfast in delivering next-generation solutions to make app experiences easy, seamless and most of all, enjoyable.”

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TaskUs works closely with the dating app companies.

In this article, TaskUs uncovers the technology elements that make online dating “enjoyable.”

  • Leveling up your dating game with AI and ML

Leading dating apps today have chat functionalities that can elevate the users’ conversation experience. One example of this is predictive text recommendations that give users ideas on what to say whenever someone needs to break the ice. This function is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Their adaptive and learning capabilities enable them to quickly suggest responses fit to the conversation, making it easy for users to deliver an impressive pickup line.

Aside from that, the magic of AI and ML transcends beyond just driving a romantic conversation, it can predict the users’ type, too. There are dating apps that utilize AI to identify the common facial features of the person being liked or rejected. Through ML, the app will be able to curate potential partners to help users find a better match. 

  • Keep the momentum with gamification

Gamification is a big trend nowadays. In-chat gamification in instant messaging platforms, where people in the same group chat can take part in competitions to liven up conversations, is already available. Because games generate high engagement from the user base, it’s no surprise that even the dating scene also has something to offer to make the experience not only enjoyable but much more entertaining.

With gamifying features, users can take part in competitions where they can play with their matches, or do virtual trivia nights to keep the momentum exciting. 

  • Seamless in-app chat support 

Catfishing and scamming are some of the prevalent issues with online dating, and apps with advanced in-app support features can help prevent these concerns in no time.

User safety is another priority for app developers to ensure an optimal user experience. Having in-app chat support will be beneficial for users to raise any suspicious activities, concerns regarding their matched profile, or the app itself. At the same time, leveraging this support channel enables dating apps to be smarter and savvier to their approach in resolving issues quickly. Chat transcripts allow these apps to review and analyze the data and improve support efforts.

Using AI and ML, in-app chat support, and gamifying features are just some of the innovations behind a great dating app experience. In a $2-billion industry where there are plenty of mobile dating platforms to choose from, dating apps need to stand out and be “the right one” for the modern romantic seekers by delivering the right tools to make online dating fun, exciting, and most importantly, safe.