TechInnovation 2021Media Partnership

TechInnovation returns on Sept. 28-30, 2021

IPI’s flagship event, Techlnnovation returns for its 10th edition as a digital event which will run for 24 hours a day from Sept. 28 to Sept. 30, 2021. It will enable exhibitors and attendees across all time zones to virtually participate and network with each other.

TechInnovation connects international technology providers and enterprises for the purpose of accelerating the commercialization of emerging technologies, as well as to seed licensing opportunities and foster open innovation collaborations.

Attendees to TechInnovation will be able to:

  • Gain insight into the latest trends and best practices from industry leaders in technology, business, and design
  • Discover innovative technologies available for commercialization or co-development
  • Consult with innovation advisors and tech experts who are industry veterans and domain experts
  • Explore new partnership opportunities with corporates crowdsourcing for new ideas and solutions through an open innovation platform
    • Connect 1-to-1 with potential collaborators through video meetings

This year TechInnovation will follow the theme of “A Sustainable & Resilient Future.”

“The world is facing new and emerging challenges, which range from how climate change is affecting city infrastructure, to the impact on our carbon footprint, food production, and health. These are the timely and important conversations we will be leading with at TechInnovation,” said Wong Lup Wai, CEO, IPI. “The TechInnovation conference threads will promote discussion of sustainable technologies that will pave the way toward zero carbon and zero waste, building a more resilient food future and transforming the way we look at health and wellness post-pandemic.”

Sessions focused on innovations in sustainability, food, and healthcare

The conference sessions are led by the foremost industry thought leaders in technology and design-led innovation today. The programme includes presentations and panel discussions, followed by a series of thematic sessions.

Some of the featured speakers include:
Day 1, Sept. 28: Green & Sustainable Future

  • Dr. Doron Myersdorf, the CEO and co-founder of StoreDot will kickstart the conference session with a presentation on “Extreme Fast Charging – Securing a Sustainable Future of Clean Energy.” The Israeli start-up develops batteries that can charge an electric vehicle (EV) in five minutes, solving EV range and charging anxiety issues.
  • Dr. Andreas Hauser, SVP, SAP AppHaus Network, will share how starting with empathy to users combined with a deep understanding of the problems and needs is key to making sustainable innovation a reality in “Putting Humans at the Center of a Sustainable Future: The Role of Design to Save Our Planet.”

Day 2, Sept. 29: Sustainable Food & Nutrition

  • Alex Ward, COO, Gen Foods, will talk about “Alternative Proteins that Could Transform Our Diets” and how the food-tech start-up is addressing climate change and changing consumer demands with their plant-based chicken.
  • Yeo Pei Shan, founder, Food Warrior, will share about “Ugly Food, Beautiful Outcomes,” charting the beginnings of UglyFood as a university project, how design thinking has facilitated their understanding of the issue in the local context and shaped the business model of UglyFood, as well as her next sustainability initiative.

Day 3, Sept. 30: Health & Wellness

  • Siow Ai Li, managing director, Siemens Healthineers, will discuss “AI in Clinical Decisions” and Healthcare and how to tackle the challenges of transforming medical data into knowledge for better preventive solutions, more accurate diagnosis, and tailored solutions that improve patient experience and health outcomes.
  • Quentin Soulet de Brugière, co-founder and CEO, Dreem, will intrigue the audience with his talk on “Achieving Breakthrough in Sleep Research through Collaboration” in a time where uncertainties caused by COVID-19 has affected the quality of sleep and mental health.
  • Jerome Goh, senior director, Experience Consulting at EPAM Continuum will present “The Mindset to Reimagine Healthcare,” focusing on the opportunities in health and wellness post-COVID and the tactics to capitalize on these opportunities.


The TechInnovation exhibition is a showcase of innovative technologies which demonstrate how the earth’s resources can be consumed sustainably, put to use for food production, and secure citizen health. This year, more than 150 international exhibitors will present 300 technologies.

To learn more about the plans for TechInnovation 2021, visit the event website.