Ticket2Me finds innovative way to buy tickets online, uses analytics for event producers

The current ticketing system, while some purchases are done online, seems like an antiquated platform compared to what technology can offer nowadays. Ticket2Me wants to disrupt the status quo and created a way that benefits not only the consumers but the producers as well.

Darwin Mariano is a theater enthusiast who saw both sides of the spectrum: as audience and as producer. He and some partners launched Ticket2Me years ago but the environment wasn’t ready. Using today’s currency which is data, Mariano realized that technology can benefit both the consumers and the event producers.

“Our mission is creating value by bringing together people seamlessly,” Mariano said during the launch. “We can help unlock that value through this platform.”

While other ticketing systems offer online purchases, Ticket2Me maximizes data analytics where producers can monitor the sale real-time and change pricing as they think would be good for the business.

Power of data

“The value added we give to producers is the power of data,” Mariano said. “At the heart of the platform is data analytics.”

Tickets can be purchased online or through a mobile app. They will receive a confirmation email and can show it to the gates eliminating the risk of lost or damaged paper tickets. Ticket2Me also accepts various types of payment options that even those who do not have a credit card or debit cards.

Producers, on the other hand, can monitor sales on their mobile phones because they will be given limited access to the platform’s online event management dashboard with complete audience analytics that enables organizers to understand their audiences better to formulate sales and marketing strategies for their current and future events.

Payment options

“That’s why I built Ticket2Me, so that producers and ticket buyers have a platform that works for them and not the other way around,” Mariano said.

Ticket2Me accepts the following payment options: credit card, PayPal, through 7-Eleven, MLhuiller, ECPay, and GCash.

According to Mariano, Ticket2Me has grown exponentially since it was launched to the public a few months ago. The user base both ticket buyers and event organizers have grown 305 percent month-on-month. They saw a 644 spike in ticket orders month-on-month and a 453 percent increase in ticket sales for the same period.

Darwin Mariano, founder and CEO of Ticket2Me, explains how producers could use the power of data in ticket selling.

Secure data

James Mendoza, founder and chief technology officer, told Back End News that they have implemented secure processes to guard user data.

“When we developed the platform we made sure to incorporate secure software development processes,” he said. “When we create the prototypes as we went along, we did what was called vulnerability assessment and we will be checking the site and the app for any vulnerability every month because we want to be proactive and avoid any data breach.”

He assured users that while producers could see the movement of the tickets on the dashboard, user information remains confidential.

To ensure that bad bots will not invade the platforms, Mendoza said that like many websites, Ticket2Me has its way of identifying bots, who might hoard tickets.

One of the other novelties of Ticket2Me in the Philippines is the creation of its own blockchain ecosystem. Ticket2Me, is said to be the first blockchain-enabled ticketing platform in Southeast Asia, which will allow anyone to buy tickets anytime, anywhere. Again, Mendoza assured buyers that Ticket2Me is doing all it can to make their online and mobile app purchases secure.

Ticket2Me mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Organizers can contact

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