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Toyota PH upgrades app myTOYOTA for overall customer service

Automotive company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) upgraded its mobile app, myTOYOTA, recently. With just a few taps, users can explore TMP’s vehicle lineup, browse the latest car deals, book car appointments, buy vehicle upgrades and packages, and even get access to services like roadside assistance, all through their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The myTOYOTA app, now available for download for Android and iOS users, provides customers with a unified platform to enable them to access all information and services they need from car buying to after-sales and maintenance with just a single app. This digital tool lets existing and would-be Toyota owners enjoy the full cycle of the Toyota life from product and service inquiries to car maintenance and upgrades, after-sales deals and assistance, and even vehicle trade-ins.

“Now more than ever, the need for accessible products and services is more crucial to better serve our customers’ needs,” said Sherwin Chualim, FVP, TMP. “Part of our commitment to providing ever-better products and services is continuously improving the customer experience.”

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Customers can now explore and learn more about Toyota’s newest vehicle lineup on their phones. From sedans to SUVs, users can find the vehicle that suits their needs and even create the best deal for themselves.

The app’s Showroom features a carousel that displays all featured vehicles and their specifications. It provides users with a 360-degree virtual viewing of the vehicle of their choice. Interested buyers can build and personalize their dream car through the vehicle configurator, which allows users to see the available color options, choose compatible accessories and other items for their vehicle. They can access the financing calculator for their build summary and study the financing options. On top of these, the app allows for a fast and easy way to make inquiries directly to Toyota dealers: Users can chat with a dealer and get the dealer’s contact information.

Besides accessories, users can see available service packages and applicable promos. They can identify their preferred delivery schedule for items ordered. Whether its wheels, car covers, or luggage trays, customers can place their order with just a few taps and track the delivery on their phone for a hassle-free experience.

The app likewise allows customers to inquire about used vehicles and trade-ins.

After-sales service

Getting a vehicle serviced and renewing the insurance can be so challenging these days. Toyota adds an extra layer of protection and convenience for its customers by introducing a fast and easy way to schedule these servicing appointments and insurance renewals.

Through the myTOYOTA App, Toyota car owners can check for available service schedules, choose their preferred date, and easily keep track of their vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedules. With a quick click, users will not only be able to access their car’s service history and repair status but also browse, order, and check out service packages and promos via the app. They can also cancel or reschedule the service booking.

Users can also check the status of their vehicle’s insurance through the link to the e-policy. They can then be redirected to the Online Store’s Insurance Renewal page and get a detailed computation and submit a renewal request.


Whether it’s about the car’s warranty, a digital logbook, or service history and schedule, the myTOYOTA app will help customers stay updated on the status of their vehicle with its easy-to-use interface.

Customers can also opt to receive real-time updates on Toyota’s latest promos, news, and announcements via their myTOYOTA app’s inbox.

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