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Twitter opens Spaces’ live-audio feature to users with 600 followers

Months after testing the new live audio feature, Twitter officially launched Spaces for accounts with 600 followers. This comes at the heels of the buzz created by Clubhouse, an invitation-only social media app that supports live conversations.

“From Tweeting to talking, reading to listening, Spaces encourages and unlocks real, open conversations on Twitter with the authenticity and nuance, depth and power only the human voice can bring,” the social networking said in the media advisory.

Available on iOS and Android, Spaces will appear at the top of the Twitter timeline as a purple bubble for as long as it’s live. When Twitter users join Spaces as a listener, they can react to what they hear with emojis, check out any pinned Tweets, follow along with captions, Tweet or DM, or request to speak.

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Space speakers can also pin Tweets to Spaces apart from speaking and turning captions so the others can follow along with what they are saying.

Space creators take control of the live-audio feature and can invite people to join by Tweeting or sending DMs and allow others to speak. Spaces has built-in safety controls for hosts and speakers. Twitter said this feature is to make people feel safe hosting and participating in Spaces conversations

Spaces management

“Recently, we added the ability for Hosts to mute all speakers at the same time and a new management page for easier hosting,” Twitter said.

Anyone can report and block others in the Space or report the Space. Also, people that have been blocked can’t join a Space the creator is hosting. There will also be labels and warnings if someone that has been blocked is speaking in a Space both are in.

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