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Twitter shares Filipinos’ social media habits, trending topics during lockdown

Filipinos on Twitter are highly receptive audiences, and according to the Global Web Index Coronavirus Research Wave 3 in late April 2020, 73% of them are optimistic that the country will overcome the COVID-19 outbreak. This encouraging sentiment is a great insight and can help brands as they craft appropriate launches to further help people thrive amid the pandemic.

People turned to their gadgets to work, study, and leisure activities which also generated a huge amount of data in which social network platform Twitter obtained the four insightful bits on Filipinos’ tech habits.

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1. Media usage rose during pandemic
During the pandemic, the media consumption of Filipinos on Twitter rose up, 72% are watching more videos while 69% of them are spending more time on social media. Being at home also increased people’s consumption of streaming services (62%) as they finally had time to binge watch their favorite shows. On the other hand, people also reported increased hours of listening to music and even time for video games.

2. Always glued to their devices
During the pandemic, 81% of Filipinos on Twitter are using their smartphones to go online as compared to using other devices. Through the small screens, they were able to connect to the world and accomplish whatever they need, be it looking for the latest news, fresh deals, free services, and even what brands are doing during these challenging times.

3. A huge rise on Tech topic on Twitter
The new normal is online classes, working from home, and doing most of the activities online. It’s no surprise that people all around the world are talking about technology. For one, more than 3.8 million Tweets about mobile phones alone were seen globally in April 2020. The massive volume of Tweets shows a growing community of people wanting to know more about the latest gadgets they should invest in.

Here are the top mobile-related hashtags in the Philippines in May 2020.

Twitter - Most Tweeted about tech-related hashtags in PH (May 2020)

4. Be ready with their post-pandemic shopping list
As Filipinos remain a positive outlook, they are also hopeful about their plans should we finally be free from the pandemic. 15%of Filipino Twitter users are expected to be inclined in buying smart devices and smartphones post-pandemic. But more importantly, brands should take note that the main items that are expected to fill their virtual or physical shopping carts will be food and other grocery items (30%).

When it comes to factors that might influence their support for businesses, 42% Filipino Twitter users are inclined to support brands that have helped them during the pandemic, while 62% of Filipinos on Twitter think that brands that best meet their needs during the pandemic will also influence their support post-pandemic. This is important as 90% of Filipinos on Twitter believe that offering free services is the best way for brands to respond to #COVID19, according to the Global Web Index COVID19 Multi-market Study in March 2020.

People go online because they want information, and they go to Twitter because they want it in real-time. By knowing their preferences and listening to their sentiments, brands can help Filipinos thrive by launching campaigns that truly connect to their wants and needs; be it pre, during, or post-pandemic.