Twitter takes action in making internet safe for users

On Safe Internet Day, microblogging and social networking platform Twitter announced a new rule to address what it calls “synthetic and manipulated media.” Starting March 5, it will start labeling Tweets if its system believed that media — images or videos — shared have been significantly and deceptively altered or fabricated.

Labels will link to a Twitter moment to provide additional context from reputable sources on the content in question.

This move was prompted by the proliferation of fake news and fake images most internet trolls are wont to sharing. This has caused great damage to those involved and victimized.

Have you read “Hiding replies on Twitter now available globally”?

Over the past 12 months, Twitter has been working on addressing abusive content on its service globally. It recorded a 105% increase in accounts Twitter took action by either locking or suspending for violating the Twitter Rules.

Taking action

The social networking platform has taken action in more than 1 in 2 tweets “for abuse are now proactively surfacing using technology, rather than relying on reports to Twitter. This compares to 1 in 5 tweets in 2018.”

In the last quarter of 2019 alone, Twitter implemented changes that gave control to Twitter account owners. In November 2019, the company launched the option for users to hide replies to their Tweets, globally. Anyone can now choose to hide replies to their Tweets.

In December 2019, Twitter expanded and diversified its Trust and Safety Council, which brings together experts and organizations from around the world to help advise on developing products, programs, and the Twitter Rules.

Stay safe online

As part of the observance of Safer Internet Day, Twitter shares tips on protecting your accounts — and yourself — online.

Enable two-factor authentication
Enabling login verification or 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) will ensure that a One Time Password (OTP) is sent to the registered mobile number, providing an additional layer of security for account. Only people who have access to both the password and mobile phone (or a security key) will be able to log in to the account.

Protect Account
When signing up to Twitter, Tweets are public by default and are seen by everyone including followers, non-followers, and even those without a Twitter account. However, users have the option of protecting their Tweets so it’s only visible to approved followers and the Tweets won’t appear in Google searches. Just enable the “Protect your Tweets” in account settings.

Keep trolls and bullies at bay
Users can restrict specific accounts from contacting them, seeing their Tweets, and following them just by blocking them. Mute an account to remove Tweets from the user timeline without unfollowing or blocking the account. Mute can also be applied to specific words, conversations, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags. Go to Advanced Mute to filter particular words, conversations, phrases, usernames, emojis, or hashtags.

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