UNObank Digital Bank Logo

Uno Digital Bank unveils new brand identity

Ahead of its intended launch in Q2, 2022, UNObank Inc., a digital bank licensed under the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) Digital Banking License framework, has rebranded UNObank to UNO Digital Bank. The new name highlights the digital nature of the bank’s business.

Along with the name change comes a new visual identity for the brand, inclusive of a logo, refreshed color palette, as well as icons.

“We are a credit-led digital bank that is pioneering an elevated approach to banking: one that makes meeting life’s financial needs simple and accessible for the customer, while also fueling growth and innovation in the industry,” said Manish Bhai, co-founder and CEO of UNOAsia Pte. Ltd., one of the primary incorporators of UNObank Inc. “We are not content with functioning on the status quo. Instead, our work is innovation-led and growth-focused, committed to always being numero uno when it comes to meeting needs and adding value to our stakeholders.”

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UNO Digital Bank is a full-spectrum credit-led digital bank that aims to make banking simple, better, and accessible.

The primary color palette of the UNO Digital Bank logo represents four aspects of financial needs: Manage Money (Capri), Grow Money (French Violet), Leverage Money (Steel Pink), and Secure Money (Goldenrod). UNO Digital Bank’s icons represent these four aspects of financial needs.

UNOAsia Pte. Ltd. is a financial technology company based in Singapore.