Vertiv Liebert RDU501

Vertiv launches intelligent infrastructure management solution in Asia

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, announced the launch of the Liebert RDU501 infrastructure gateway appliance, an intelligent infrastructure management solution that allows data center administrators to monitor environmental conditions and data center infrastructure.

Designed for computer rooms and small to mid-size data centers, the Liebert RDU501 is an upgrade to the existing Liebert RDU-A G2 appliance. It integrates easily within a data center rack, enabling users to easily monitor the performance of all IT assets, including thermal management units, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generator sets, providing added intelligence and ease of management.

The Liebert RDU501 not only offers more device connections than its RDU-A G2 predecessor but also comes with IT management functions such as out-of-band serial console access as well as IT server startup and shutdown.

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The Liebert RDU501 is equipped with a built-in web server, automated IT server shutdown and out-of-band management to offer the customer complete control over the data center infrastructure. For infrastructure monitoring, the Liebert RDU501 collects data from environmental sensors via Modbus 485, SNMP, dry contacts, and analog signals.

IT managers are able to connect up to 40 IT servers via IPMI v2.0 and allows the following operations through a secure web page:

  • Monitor the health and status of the equipment
  • Access server Service Processor
  • Out-of-band monitoring and Serial Console management
  • Monitor the improved communication speed in transmitting control or commands to the equipment and parameter setting.

The Liebert RDU501 is available throughout Asia now.

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