VMware Anywhere Workspace solutions simplify IT, employee work processes

VMware, a cloud computing and virtualization technology company, introduced the VMware Anywhere Workspace that caters to hybrid workers. With the shift in the new working environment, different business needs emerged.

VMWare Anywhere Workspace addresses operational and security needs that are among the top concerns of organizations and businesses. Workers working remotely use unsecured network and cloud services.

“Work is what you do, not where you do it. As businesses reimagine where and how teams collaborate and innovate, they must do more than transform. They must reform their mindset to create a digital-first culture that puts employee experience first,” said Sanjay Poonen, chief operating officer, customer operations, VMware. “We developed VMware Anywhere Workspace with this new way of working in mind. It will play an important role in creating stronger, more focused, and more resilient businesses.”

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VMware Anywhere Workspace

VMware Anywhere Workspace simplifies processes that usually occur between the IT systems and employees. VMware said that this approach incurs less cost and would need less manpower.

VMware Anywhere Workspace enables companies to manage multi-modal employee experience anywhere which is hoped to make them more productive and find smarter ways to fulfill their workload. They can access their files anywhere and anytime over any network.

VMware addressed the issue of data security by securing the distributed edge with a broader and more effective process. This lets any user access any app from any device. VMware’s Zero Trust approach combines network security to the edge with endpoint security and management.

Powered by intelligent management of workflows, compliance, and performance, the new solution also automates the workspace making IT management simpler and more responsive than before.

VMware Anywhere Workspace features unique integration points between the solutions, with more planned over time. For example:

  • Carbon Black Cloud and Workspace ONE integrate to bring physical and virtual endpoint management and security capabilities together.
  • Workspace ONE and SASE services (VMware SD-WAN, Work from Home networking, VMware Secure Access) integrate to deliver zero-trust network access (ZTNA) over globally deployed POPs.

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