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VMware enhances cloud platforms to drive developer productivity

VMware’s cloud management solution platforms have recently been updated so companies can strengthen their software agility. The cloud computing and virtualization technology company updated some features of VMware Tanzu and VMware Aria.

VMware noted that companies need to invest in capabilities that accelerate developer productivity, drive revenue, and stay competitive. 

The updates on VMware Tanzu, a modular, cloud-native application platform that accelerates development, delivery, and operations across multiple clouds and VMware Aria, a unified multi-cloud management platform, will enable companies to focus on innovations and keep developers productive.

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VMware Tanzu

Through Tanzu Application Platform 1.5 offers pre-paved, more secure golden paths to production customized to their business. It enhances end-to-end app security, streamlines developer and platform engineering experiences, and expands support for leading third-party integrations.

VMware also announced several updates to Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations that aim to increase security, choice, and operational efficiency of multi-cluster and multi-Kubernetes platform operations across any cloud. 

The Tanzu Mission Control now supports full lifecycle management of new and existing AWS EKS clusters, the ability to mutate the security context for containers and pods, and allows the modification of OPA Gatekeeper policy settings at all levels such as organization, cluster group, and cluster. 

VMware Aria

The VMware Aria platform’s Aria Hub is now powered by Aria Graph, Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth, and Aria Guardrails. VMware Aria solutions help cloud operations teams to harness multi-cloud capabilities with intelligent insights into distributed environments.

VMware improves multi-cloud visibility with the addition of Google Cloud support in VMware Aria Hub Free Tier alongside AWS and Azure, adds support for Kubernetes environments with a new infrastructure dashboard with service-to-service topology view, and adds VMware Aria Guardrails capabilities, including landing zones policies templates and config drift management, to the Free Tier.

VMware Aria Cost now includes support for Alibaba Cloud, enabling customers and partners to gain visibility into all Alibaba Cloud costs and usage in a single platform and streamline decision-making. The addition of Alibaba Cloud expands existing VMware Aria Cost support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, VMware Cloud on AWS (beta), data center, and containerized environments. 

VMware Aria Cost is also expanding its Kubernetes reporting capabilities by introducing the ability to right-size Kubernetes environments to optimize cloud-native application environments in addition to the cloud.

VMware continues to automate and streamline cloud infrastructure management with full-stack visibility across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. VMware Aria Operations introduces a new integration with Aria Observability (a multi-cloud observability solution) to enable IT teams to gain contextualized visibility across their infrastructure, Kubernetes environments and applications with the aim to eliminate the need for disparate tools to effectively manage multi-clouds and provides a holistic platform view enabling faster troubleshooting and reducing mean-time-to-resolution to improve application performance.