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Wilcon Depot, Converge strengthen connectivity partnership

Construction supplies retailer Wilcon Depot has tapped Converge ICT ICT Solutions Inc. (Converge) in its digital transformation efforts to continue to serve its customer during the pandemic.

By leveraging Converge’s enterprise-grade product, Direct Internet Access (DIA), Wilcon Depot is able to maintain the smooth flow of operations and continue providing uninterrupted customer service. The Direct Internet Access provided Wilcon Depot a well-orchestrated operational process of virtual video conferences between various departments, comprehensive data sharing, and coordinated logistical communication to ensure continuous business productivity.

“The IT infrastructure is very important to any growing company. Especially for us as a retailer, we need data very quickly.” aid Lorraine Belo-Cincochan, president and CEO of Wilcon Depot. “We need the data to be consolidated back at our head office. And we need data to be consistent and available to our teams so we can make proper decisions. Operationally, we cannot run our costs, we cannot run our systems without connectivity.”

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Direct Internet Access – Time of Day, a unique product from Converge, helps boost Wilcon Depot’s operations and aids in its plans for nationwide expansion through a premium, dedicated, and secured internet service with double their subscribed bandwidth as they need it during the most critical hours of their operations, providing them flexibility and unrivaled value for money.

For the majority of their branches, Wilcon Depot is currently subscribed to the Converge iBiz product, a pure fiber internet plan created to provide businesses with quality connections at an affordable cost. As the company evolves and expands with an increasing need for more bandwidth, they are hand in hand with Converge as they transition from iBiz to flexiBIZ — a business-grade connectivity solution designed for maximum efficiency during daytime business peak hours.