Yondu provides digital solutions to startups

Start-ups have been emerging all over Manila in the past few years. To date, there are an estimated 500 start-ups in the country, 60% of which were established between 2012 and 2017. Though this may seem a lot, most of them are successful and have become fully-fledged companies.

In 2001, Yondu, an IT Solutions company, entered the startup scene with a dream to find and seize opportunities in developing IT solutions at the dawn of the country’s digital age. With sheer hard work and intense focus on its vision, it has successfully leveled up and has expanded into a full-fledged company, employing hundreds of IT geniuses creating ground-breaking tech solutions for various clients.

“From its inception, Yondu has been navigating the changing technology landscape, guided by the idea of integrating technology and talent to provide solutions for businesses to achieve their objectives,” said Joan Penaflorida, president, Yondu.

Penaflorida, along with her fellow visionaries, believed that there was a need to maximize the role of technology to help businesses grow by showing them the importance of technology integration.

“The company marries its passion for helping people and businesses grow with its expertise in providing technological solutions that could lead to customer acquisition and even bigger revenue. We value how technology can enhance and improve people’s experiences. We are committed to solving real-world problems,” she added.

Since it started, Yondu marked several milestones and projects. Among these are a disaster recovery application for a large well-known conglomerate, an online traffic monitoring app for a company, and a government emergency and report hotline.

These projects improve the quality of people’s lives, be it in terms of convenience, safety, or preparedness. Yondu analyzes the problems of society and addresses these through their technology. Thriving in a competitive industry means providing services that are helpful and necessary to society and other businesses. It also means having the technology to support your company and seeing it as an avenue for growth.

“As modern consumers get bombarded with technological innovations, it becomes essential for brands to find surefire ways to integrate tech in their processes,” said Peñaflorida. “This is how Yondu operates: We solve problems by developing technological innovations that improve society, while also constantly trying to see if these need to be enhanced over time. This highlights the company’s belief in constant growth through technology, ” she explained.

Necessity is the mother of innovation, but Yondu believes in something deeper and this is what fuels the company in its efforts. Yondu combines passion, innovation, and experience – delivering a holistic experience that elevates businesses and contributes to society.

Peñaflorida shared, “Yondu is hopeful that more businesses will embrace incorporating technology to improve their processes and deliver a better employee experience. Employees get the opportunity to upskill when introduced to new technology. We believe that businesses do best when they are open to innovations.”

The road to transitioning from a start-up to a full-fledged company might be a long and difficult one, but it is not impossible. Yondu is proof that great visions can transform into a thriving company.

Yondu’s success formula is simple: nurturing your company while never losing sight of its goal and purpose. Their transition to becoming a full-fledged company is one true testament of how great vision, fueled by consistent action, can yield great fruits.

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