Zoho launches latest content collaboration platform for organizations

After reaching 50 million users worldwide, Zoho Corp., a privately held company that offers a comprehensive suite of business software applications in the industry, rebuild its content collaboration platform, WorkDrive, from the ground up, optimizing it for teams and businesses.

WorkDrive now provides the underlying document management across all Zoho business applications, allowing for unified search, single storage, contextual integration, as well as many other vertically integrated capabilities.

Businesses seek to go beyond storage today and need enterprise-grade solutions in areas like multi-level security, compliance, and audit control. The unit of work is no longer the individual, but the team. Sharing and collaboration must be implicit in workflows and business processes, rather than be patched onto solutions that originated as consumer and single-person models.

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WorkDrive is integrated into the platform, services, and applications layers of the Zoho technology stack and incorporates capabilities like virus detection, encryption, image processing, and other AI tools in the proper business context.

Zoho is also announcing its revamped Workplace suite of productivity applications, which includes Cliq, Notebook, Connect, Writer, Sheet, Show, Showtime, Mail, Meeting, and WorkDrive. Among other new capabilities, Workplace now features an integrated app dashboard that houses customizable widgets that display information from each of the nine apps included in the suite. Here are some of the key features of WorkDrive and the revamped Workplace suite:

WorkDrive comes with a built-in Zoho Office suite (Writer, Sheet, and Show). Documents created from Zoho Office Suite can be stored in Team Folders, a shared workplace with role-based member permissions for cross-team collaboration and storage.
WorkDrive is integrated with Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, providing unified search as well as OCR in applications such as Zoho Notebook. Administrators also have access to advanced analytics, data administration, and granular access controls.
For external collaboration, the advanced external file-sharing feature allows users to collaborate with external stakeholders while maintaining control of the files.

WorkDrive is available starting at $2 per user/month. Zoho Workplace is available starting at $3 per user/month billed annually.

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