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ZTE brings global ICT innovation to PH partners

ZTE Corp. (ZTE), a global provider of information and communication technology solutions, introduced its latest products and solutions to industry players, partners and consumers from various industries at the Philippine leg of the ZTE Day. 

With the theme “Shaping Digital Innovation,” ZTE Philippines showcased groundbreaking products and solutions and demonstrated how ZTE’s ICT innovations create new value for the digital world.

The company has been designing products and solutions for access, transport, and cloud core networks to deploy end-to-end, efficient, and green digital infrastructure. It also showcased innovative solutions and best practices for the B2B and B2H markets to facilitate operators’ development of brand-new digital services.

ZTE white paper explores use of 5G in boosting digital economy
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Its cutting-edge technologies aim to break the boundaries of coverage, capacity, and services and unlock infinite possibilities.

One of the key highlights during the ZTE Day is the unveiling of its new smartphones and other diverse terminal product series to empower full-scenario digital life.


ZTE Day held a variety of sessions reflecting the current technology trends in the world: 5G connectivity, Intelligent Transmission Network, FTTx Evolution and New Smart Home, 5G Cloud Core, Computing Power Accelerate Digitalization, servers and storage products introduction.

ZTE Day also underscore  the company’s Research and Development investments. In 2022, the company strengthened its key technology and product competitiveness, with R&D expenses reaching RMB 21.60 billion (or almost $400 million), which is 17.6% of the revenue.

This is the third leg of ZTE Day. In addition to the Philippines, the event will also be held in other countries as well, such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Morocco, and Nigeria, among others.

“Moving forward, we will strive to make consistent advancements based on customer requirements, and to provide  solid support in the Philippines, to help drive and facilitate global digital transformation,” the company said.

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