3M migrates entire IT infra to Amazon Web Services

As part of its IT transformation and modernization efforts, multinational conglomerate corporation 3M is migrating its entire IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs.

3M will start using AWS in the operations of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which includes accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing, product lifecycle management, and e-commerce, along with business-critical enterprise IT applications.

“AWS is integral to our enterprise IT transformation as we look for better ways to serve our customers, streamline the way we work, and compete globally.” 

– John Turner, vice president, IT Systems and Chief Information Officer at 3M

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“AWS, with its proven experience and highly performant global infrastructure, will deliver the agility, speed, and scalability 3M needs to launch new business processes and service models. We look forward to expanding our use of AWS’s portfolio of services, including analytics and machine learning, to gain greater insights and become an even more agile company in the cloud.”

Analytics, machine learning

3M has been operating for 100 years providing a wide range of industries such as automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing, among others. With 96,000 employees across the world, the company has 117,000 patents geared toward innovations and product development. As customer demands become diverse, 3M intends to leverage AWS’ portfolio of services including analytics, databases, machine learning, security, and storage toward its goal to automation. 3M expects to drive efficiencies and gain speed and agility in meeting 3M business and customer needs.

“3M is leveraging AWS to drive change within its IT organization, and it will transform those improvements into delivery of new applications and services to meet 3M business needs,” said Mike Clayville, vice president, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS. “For more than 100 years, 3M has had a relentless focus on innovation, making scientific discoveries that advance, enhance and improve every company, home, and life. AWS’s breadth and depth of services will help 3M continue to launch new business processes, bring increased customer focus, and keep its position as one of the world’s most successful diversified companies.”