ABI Research identifies innovative start-ups forging next-gen supply chain

ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm, has identified 10 hot tech innovators and disruptors in supply chain technologies leading these timely and results-driven solutions.

The varied applications that constitute supply chain technologies range from sourcing to operations, fulfillment, transport, and services. Demand has increased materially for solutions that best address visibility, connectivity, flexibility, safety, and savings.

“Companies that stand out for their innovation in technology and business strategy include Samsara’s rapid feature releases and Platform Science’s developer-focused mobile device management. Automation has increased exponentially through Nuro’s fully autonomous pods. Jupiter’s automated grocery baskets, Ocado’s software and robotics platform, Brain Corp’s autonomous navigation solutions, and Attabotics 3D inventory management. Other notable disruptors include Getir’s “ultrafast” deliveries through smart mapping, Optoro’s centralized and configurable reverse logistics, and FarEye’s predictive logistics,” said Susan Beardslee, principal snalyst, Freight Transportation and Logistics.

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These companies leverage AI, Machine Learning, computer vision, systems robotics, and proprietary autonomy software to provide accelerated solutions for a supply chain struggling with uncertainty, scarcity, and complexity. Their transformative ideas have drawn an estimated US$3.25 billion in funding and a market value of US$39.1 billion, with Nuro alone raising another US$500 million in its recent Series C round.

“Going forward, there are multiple options for expansion including private equity, strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and merging with special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC’s) to fast forward an IPO,” Beardslee said.

These findings are from ABI Research’s Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain Hot Tech Innovators report. This report is part of the company’s Freight Transportation & Logistics research service, which includes research, data, and ABI Insights. Hot Tech Innovators reports focus on companies at the forefront of transformational innovation, particularly those that are younger and less well-known than the incumbents, at the technological forefront of their markets, developing new business models, destabilizing the current market, and prime acquisition targets.