Accenture to invest $3B in AINews

Accenture invests $3 billion to scale up AI use cases for clients

To enable customers make better use of the technology, Accenture, a global professional services company, is investing $3 billion over three years in data and artificial intelligence (AI) practice, which will double its AI talent to 80,000 professionals through a mix of hiring, acquisitions, and training.

The increasing interest in AI had companies revisit their strategies on the use of technology especially when talks border on moral grounds and governance. By making such substantial investments, Accenture is hoping to equip clients with knowledge, tools, and skills in the proper use of the technology.

“Our clients have complex environments, and at a time when the technology is changing rapidly, our deep understanding of ecosystem solutions allows us to help them navigate quickly and cost-effectively to make smart decisions,” Julie Sweet, chair and CEO of Accenture, said in a statement.

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At present, Accenture has more than 1,450 AI patents and pending patent applications worldwide for client solutions ranging from marketing to retail and security to manufacturing.

According to the company, it has embedded AI across its service delivery approach, driving efficiency, insights, and accelerating value for thousands of clients through its platforms such as myWizard, SynOps, and MyNav. 

“Companies that build a strong foundation of AI by adopting and scaling it now, where the technology is mature and delivers clear value, will be better positioned to reinvent, compete and achieve new levels of performance,” Sweet said.

Responsible AI framework

Six years ago, Accenture created its responsible AI framework, which is now part of how the company delivers its work for clients, is included in the company’s code of ethics and underlies its rigorous responsible AI compliance program. Accenture is currently working with clients on generative AI projects, such as helping a hotel group manage customer queries or a judicial system synthesize judicial process information across hundreds of thousands of complex documents.

The investments will be spread to different use cases and sectors to help companies develop the new strategies, operating models, business cases, and digital core architecture they will need to capitalize on AI innovation:

Accenture will create accelerators for data and AI readiness across 19 distinct industries as well as pre-built industry and functional models that take advantage of new generative AI capabilities.

To advance the uses of generative AI, its Center for Advanced AI is dedicated to maximizing the value of this technology across clients and within Accenture. This includes extensive R&D and investments to reimagine service delivery using generative and other emerging AI capabilities.

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