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Acefast Crystal T8 earbuds: Thoughts and impressions

Faith in earbuds restored. Acefast Crystal T8 lives up to its flashy (literally) design and gives more when it comes to audio quality. 

Acefast Crystal T8 provides two purposes: audio gear and accessories. 

The earbuds case is perhaps one of the favorites in terms of aesthetics because it can be worn as a necklace as it comes with a lanyard. The chances of losing one of the pair are low. The transparent case enables me to easily see the contents so I’d know if one of the items is missing.

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The earbuds are designed with a 3D embossed power display. It instantly goes into power mode when taken out of the case. 

The neon-transparent color is a refreshing new take on earbuds design. It has six colors: lotus pink (which I got), ice blue, and mint green. You won’t also have to worry about wear and tear because the box includes three sets of earcaps in different sizes. You can either change it depending on your mood or reserve them when the caps needed changing.

I like that the overall design of the earbuds is straightforward. I used it during a quick run and yes, it didn’t fall off, which is a huge relief. I always worry about earbuds falling off during a walk or run, which can be a bummer. Acefast left all the flashy designs on the case. 


Audiophiles can be extremely discerning and difficult to please. The Acefast Crystal T8 audio is pretty decent but most especially when used in enclosed places.

Commands on whether to answer calls or play the previous or next song on the playlist are activated with taps. You will get used to how many taps of which area to tap.

The volume doesn’t give any limitations as to how loud you want the music can go. If you want to drown noises, just hit the volume button. I’m big on bass, but while it doesn’t meet what I usually require, it still does its job. 

However, it would have been better if instead of raising the volume as loud as possible, Acefast Crystal T8 improved the noise-canceling feature. Still, the ear tips, which come in different sizes, can do the job.

When it comes to taking calls, that is where the earbuds excel. It brings its A-game in voice clarity. The distance limit is 100 meters so you can move around a room while speaking to someone. The audio was clear and I didn’t experience any connection issues.


Acefast Crystal T8 promises up to seven hours once fully charged. I tried it using it in intervals without charging every so often. Charging it fully took an hour, which is alright.

The Acefast Crystal T8 earbuds not only provide excellent audio quality but are also visually interesting and can match your personality.

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