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Acer amplifies support for SpatialLabs developers

Acer, a multinational hardware and electronics corporation based in Taiwan, added new developer tools for its SpatialLabs technology, known for its glasses-free and stereoscopic 3D experiences. 

Acer now offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that support developers from various industries to create compelling stereo 3D content and applications on Acer SpatialLabs Pro devices. This includes Unity plug-in support, certified OpenXR runtime, and the Acer SteamVR Bridge.

Empowering creators in diverse fields

Acer has introduced support for the Unity plug-in, complementing its existing Unreal plug-in. This expansion broadens the scope of creators across various fields, such as education, architecture, construction, medicine, and more. Leveraging the widely adopted Unity platform, professional developers can take advantage of its extensive tools and verticals to enhance their experiences. Acer’s SpatialLabs Pro Devices enable the presentation of models in true 3D form without the need for specialized glasses.

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Embracing open standards for XR developers

As an active member and contributor to the Khronos OpenXR working group, Acer has achieved conformance for its OpenXR Runtime, ensuring compatibility with OpenXR standards. By embracing open standards, Acer facilitates an accessible ecosystem for its hardware solutions. This milestone benefits the extended reality (XR) developer community by providing additional device options to showcase their creations in high-resolution, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D. 

Content and application creators can leverage OpenXR’s cross-platform, high-performance API for faster innovation while capitalizing on Acer’s expertise in delivering immersive, stereoscopic 3D visuals through SpatialLabs. The OpenXR runtime is compatible with applications like AutoDesk VRED 2023 and Blender, offering Acer SpatialLabs Pro device users a seamless experience.

Unleashing VR experiences without headsets

With the introduction of the proprietary Acer SteamVR Bridge driver, developers of VR applications can transform their creations on Acer SpatialLabs Pro devices into captivating imagery without the need for VR headsets. This capability benefits a wide range of applications, including virtual tours, art exhibits, and educational content. By leveraging the Acer SteamVR Bridge in conjunction with NVIDIA Omniverse, SpatialLabs Pro device users can streamline workflows and expand their viewing options for enhanced stereo 3D projection. This enables the presentation of complex graphics, visual effects, and simulations in stunning detail.

Acer’s expanded support for SpatialLabs developers through a suite of advanced tools amplifies the possibilities of creating stereoscopic 3D experiences. Developers from various fields can now utilize Unity plug-ins, certified OpenXR runtime, and the Acer SteamVR Bridge to unlock the true potential of Acer SpatialLabs Pro devices, delivering immersive, glasses-free 3D content and applications.