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Acer updates SpatialLabs TrueGame to level up 3D gaming

Technology company Acer updated SpatialLabs TrueGame, the glasses-free 3D gaming application, to add a 3D Ultra Mode. Acer enhanced its stereo rendering capabilities, projecting images with depth and life-like 3D geometry.

The update also includes 3D Sense, a collection of 3D stereo effect configurations to match the players’ preferences in terms of visual details, effects, and 3D depth intensity.

“The viewing experiences of today’s gamers are greatly limited with 2D display devices,” said Jerry Kao, co-COO of Acer Inc. “This changes with SpatialLabs TrueGame as we continue to push the envelope of the 3D gaming experience by adding full geometric 3D and unleashing the power of stereoscopic 3D technology.”

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The SpatialLabs TrueGame 3D Ultra mode provides a fresh experience of stereoscopic 3D performance to the world of gaming, letting players dive deep into a new realm of 3D entertainment. It utilizes the combination of the SpatialLabs eye-tracking solution, stereoscopic 3D display, and real-time scene rendering technologies to bring eye-popping 3D scenes, objects, and characters to life.

The One-click Game Play function allows TrueGame to automatically launch installed games with pre-configured 3D profiles.

TrueGame players and 3D gaming fanatics can also engage with one another on the SpatialLabs Community’s TrueGame forum, an open space where they can express their ideas, share their experiences, and learn from fellow gamers.