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Alibaba beefs up DingTalk messaging app for Hangzhou Asian Games

Alibaba, a technology company, has rolled out an enhanced version of its communication platform, DingTalk, tailored specifically for the Hangzhou Asian Games, set to take place from Sept. 23 to Oct. 8, 2023. The DingTalk for Asian Games messaging app has been upgraded to ensure the smooth operation of the Games.

DingTalk for Asian Games is a cloud-native digital solution hosted and managed on the cloud, facilitating seamless communication among users. All participants and groups involved in the Games can easily exchange messages during the event.

“DingTalk’s role in the Games is a critical one and an important opportunity to demonstrate how technology can make hosting events of this scale more streamlined and efficient,” said Alex Li, VP of DingTalk. “DingTalk for Asian Games, not only connects people and enables collaboration, but also offers a platform for unifying users around a common cause and interest. We believe for future mega sports events hosting, it’s an inevitable trend that such an intelligent collaboration platform will be needed for to enhance the operational efficiency and communication management of organizations.”

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Over the past months, DingTalk for Asian Games has become an integral part of the event organization. In August alone, the platform witnessed over 4.5 million messages exchanged, with more than 12,000 workgroups created and an average of over 50,000 daily visits.

“Through the full cooperation between the Asian Games Organizing Committee and DingTalk, DingTalk for Asian Games has achieved the mega collaboration of ‘organization online, communication online and business online’ for participants across levels, departments and regions,” said Ge Zhang, deputy director of Radio, Television and Information Technology Department of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (HAGOC).

Language translations

DingTalk enables collaboration among Games staff and volunteers, enabling them to collaborate from anywhere. It offers document previews for reviews and has facilitated the approval process for approximately 300 applications since it was rolled out.

Alibaba noted that DingTalk for the Asian Games has, so far, supported more than 7,700 paperless approvals, contributing to efficiency and environmental sustainability.

DingTalk also promotes international communication within the application by offering real-time translation in 14 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Thai. Alibaba leverages its Alibaba Cloud Machine Translation services, based on deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

Designed for mobile use, DingTalk for Asian Games provides instant audio and visual connections between users and the main operation center (MOC) of the Games. This enables the MOC to reach all staff and venues swiftly, accelerating decision-making and problem-solving.

Low-code features for customization

Staff and volunteers can collaborate seamlessly within DingTalk without leaving their posts, simplifying document editing and approvals. 

DingTalk includes a built-in Chatbot that, when used in Asian Games chat groups, automatically provides timely answers to Games-related questions by analyzing and extracting information from event-related materials, including game manuals and relevant group chats.

With its low-code features, DingTalk for Asian Games enables users to create customized applications for various scenarios. For instance, a low-code appointment application has been developed for athletes to streamline and enhance their training experience. Athletes can easily check the availability of training venues in Asian Games stadiums located across Hangzhou and nearby cities, and book their training sessions in advance through the DingTalk for Asian Games mini app.

DingTalk for Asian Games offers full hardware support, making it accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is compatible with various devices, including TV boxes.

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