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Alibaba Cloud: PH businesses plan full cloud migration in two years

A survey conducted by Alibaba Cloud, a cloud services company, reveals that businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting cloud infrastructure. Approximately 85% of the respondents expressed their intention to undergo a comprehensive cloud migration within the next two years.

A larger majority, accounting for 91%, are poised to augment their cloud investments in the year 2023.

Propelled by the rapid expansion of data centers in the Philippines, a substantial 78% of businesses are expressing interest in either embracing cloud technology for the first time or increasing their investments to incorporate this essential organizational tool. Also, 79% of respondents indicated that their decision might have been influenced by the government’s digitalization agenda.

PH businesses to increase cloud investment in 2023 — Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud unveils AI image generation model

When it comes to selecting cloud vendors, the survey underscores that Philippine businesses prioritize security (85%), availability (74%), and expertise (62%) as key determining factors. This emphasis on security places Philippine businesses at the forefront among their Asian counterparts, with Indonesia (82%) and Thailand (78%) trailing behind. 

The survey is participated by 1,000 organizations belonging to different industries including financial services, IT, manufacturing, media and telecommunications and retail across eight Asian markets including the Philippines that are currently using cloud services.

Alibaba Cloud commissioned global market research firm NielsenIQ to conduct the survey, with the aim to better understand the state of adoption of the prevailing cloud strategies across Asia. 

Improving business efficiency

During an event hosted by Alibaba Cloud, the global leading cloud service provider introduced new enterprise and sustainability solutions, including Wuying Workspace and Energy Expert, to meet Philippine customers’ intelligent transformation demands.

During an event hosted by Alibaba Cloud, new enterprise and sustainability solutions were introduced. These include Wuying Workspace and Energy Expert, designed to address the intelligent transformation needs of Philippine customers.

To offer Philippine businesses unrestricted computing power without necessitating substantial upfront hardware investments, Alibaba Cloud offers Wuying Workspace. This secure and convenient cloud-based solution allows for the rapid creation, deployment, and management of desktop environments.

This comprehensive Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) solution grants enterprise users access to organizational resources irrespective of their location — whether at home or in the office. This capability supports hybrid working models and simultaneously tackles the data security challenges confronted by numerous IT departments as they embrace flexible work arrangements. The solution achieves this by storing information in the cloud, as opposed to on individual devices.

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