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Oracle introduces latest generation of Oracle Exadata platforms

To cater to the growing demands of high-level databases, software giant Oracle has unveiled its most recent iteration of Oracle Exadata platforms: the X10M.

Priced identically to its predecessor, the Oracle X10M offers substantially increased capacity and enhanced value compared to prior generations. Both large and small organizations run their most critical and resource-intensive workloads on Oracle Exadata.

“Customers who opt for cloud deployments can also reap the advantages of running the Oracle Autonomous Database, a feature that further reduces costs by providing genuine pay-per-use benefits and eliminating the need for database and infrastructure administration,” said Juan Loaiza, EVP of Mission-Critical Database Technologies at Oracle.

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Currently available in both the Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the new Exadata X10M platforms are powered by 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors. These platforms offer up to three times more cores in their database servers and twice the number of cores in storage servers compared to their predecessors. As a result, Exadata X10M platforms deliver up to three times higher transaction throughput and up to 3.6 times faster analytic query processing. 

The high-capacity storage servers of Exadata X10M now have the ability to store 22% more data, while the all-flash storage servers provide 2.4 times the capacity of the previous systems. The database servers now offer support for 50% higher memory capacity, enabling more databases to operate on the same system.

Scaling out

The augmented compute and storage density offered by the Exadata X10M platforms leads to a reduction in the required system size for customers, resulting in lower data center expenses related to power, cooling, and floor space, thereby improving overall data center sustainability.

With its expansive scalability, straightforward expandability, and cost-effective consumption-based pricing, the Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M allows customers to effortlessly deploy incremental development, testing, and production environments without the need for additional servers or systems.

Organizations can scale out their Exadata X10M infrastructure by incorporating individual databases or storage servers, enabling them to customize their configurations to address immediate requirements and to accommodate future alterations in needs.