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Oracle launches MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

Oracle recently announced MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, enabling customers to process and query hundreds of terabytes of data in object store in a variety of file formats, such as CSV and Parquet, as well as Aurora and Redshift backups.

MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse is the newest addition to the MySQL HeatWave portfolio, the only cloud service that combines transaction processing, analytics, machine learning, and machine learning-based automation within a single MySQL database.

“MySQL HeatWave is the result of years of research and advanced development, which we are turning into breakthrough innovations to address a bigger set of challenges for all MySQL customers,” said Edward Screven, chief corporate architect, Oracle. “MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse is our third major MySQL HeatWave announcement this year.”

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Powered by the scale-out MySQL HeatWave architecture, MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse delivers significantly better performance than competitive cloud database services for running queries and loading data, as demonstrated by industry standard benchmarks. In a single query, customers can query transactional data in the MySQL database and combine it with data in the object store using standard MySQL syntax. Oracle also announced new MySQL Autopilot capabilities that improve performance and make MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse easy to use.

Customers migrating from AWS, Google, and on-premises have been using MySQL HeatWave for a broad set of use cases including marketing analytics, particularly real-time analysis of advertising campaign performance and customer data analytics to build effective campaigns. Customers migrating from AWS include leaders in the automotive, telecommunications, retail, high-tech, and healthcare industries.

“There is a huge growth in data stored outside of databases,” Screven said. “With MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, customers can leverage all the benefits of HeatWave on data residing in object store. MySQL HeatWave now provides one integrated service on multiple clouds for transaction processing, analytics across data warehouses and data lakes, and machine learning without ETL. This combination helps deliver massive improvements in performance, automation, and cost — further distancing MySQL HeatWave from other cloud database services.”