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Oracle MySQL HeatWave on AWS integrates services in one database

Oracle has made its MySQL HeatWave compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) so users can now run transaction processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning in one service.

“MySQL HeatWave on AWS ensures the reliability of a customer-centric digital infrastructure,” said Mina Lim, managing director, Oracle Philippines. “The demanding and complex processes of OLTP, analytics, machine learning, and machine learning-based automation are harnessed under a single MySQL database. AWS customers in the Philippines can now benefit from MySQL HeatWave innovation without moving their data from AWS, or developers needing to learn a new platform.”

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MySQL HeatWave on AWS is optimized for AWS with an architecture designed to deliver higher performance and lower cost compared to competitive offerings.

The new offering also promises to deliver millisecond-level latencies for applications and a rich interactive console. It facilitates schema and data management and executes queries interactively from the console. Users can monitor the performance of their queries and monitor the utilization of the provisioned resources. MySQL Autopilot is also integrated with the interactive console, making it easier to use.

MySQL HeatWave service now offers several comprehensive security features which provide additional differentiation from Amazon Aurora. These include server-side data masking and de-identification, asymmetric data encryption, and a database firewall.

The Autopilot feature provides workload-aware, machine learning-based automation of various aspects of the application lifecycle, including provisioning, data management, query execution, and failure handling. Autopilot features include auto provisioning, auto parallel loading, auto encoding, auto data placement, auto-scheduling, auto query plan improvement, auto change propagation, and auto error handling.

HeatWave ML provides in-database machine learning capabilities, including training, inference, and explanations. This enables customers to securely use machine learning on real-time data without the complexity, latency, and cost of ETL. HeatWave ML fully automates the ML lifecycle and stores all trained models inside the MySQL database, eliminating the need to move them to a separate machine learning tool or service. It’s available at no additional charge for MySQL HeatWave customers.