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ATRAM starts offering Asian multi-asset income feeder fund

ATRAM Trust Corp., an independent asset and wealth manager in the Philippines, has launched a new multi-asset fund that capitalizes on Asian growth potential. ATRAM’s newest fund offering invests in Asian equities and aims to provide unit income on a quarterly basis.

The ATRAM Asian Multi-Asset Income Feeder Fund, which is made available first for ATRAM Prime app investors, invests in high-quality Asian businesses, which have proven track records of generating sustainable cash flows, giving the fund a reliable income stream.

Feeding into the Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund, Schroders Investment director Chloe Shea shared how the fund has been designed to capture income and growth opportunities wherever they are in Asia, while also actively managing potential risks and volatility, which is particularly important now given the turbulent markets.

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“It’s important to recognize that the world that we’re currently in is actually very different from before, and therefore we need to find very nimble and niche opportunities within the region,” Shea said.

Forecasts also show that there are positive catalysts that will help Asian equity, and Asia as a region, outperform developed markets, helping make the case for investing in Asian equities stronger.

The Fund’s multi-asset investment strategy will also allow investors to benefit from a diversified portfolio. To optimize yield potential, the ATRAM Asian Multi-Asset Income Fund also invests in Asian Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), Asian equities, and Asian bonds given their attractive credit valuations.

The newly launched feeder fund aims to distribute dividend income payouts every quarter. The Target Fund pays income from interest income from the bonds and dividends from the equities and REITS. The yields from Asian assets have been on average above 4% on the back of the strong growth of the region.