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Amazon to open AWS local zone in the Philippines

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud services company, is expanding its cloud Infrastructure in the Philippines with the launching of its Local Zone in the country.

AWS Local Zones are a type of infrastructure deployment that places AWS compute, storage, database, and other services at the edge of the cloud near large population, industry, and information technology (IT) centers. This will enable customers to deploy applications that require single-digit millisecond latency closer to end-users or on-premises data centers.

“We know that delivering ultra-low latency applications for a seamless user experience matters for many businesses and industries, so we are excited to bring the edge of the cloud closer to more customers in the Philippines to help meet their requirements,” said Conor McNamara, managing director for Commercial at AWS in Asean.

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AWS Local Zones allow customers to use core AWS services locally while connecting to the rest of their workloads running in AWS Regions with the same elasticity, pay-as-you-go model, application programming interfaces (APIs), and toolsets. To learn more about AWS Local Zones, visit

AWS manages and supports AWS Local Zones, meaning customers in the Philippines do not need to incur the expense and effort of procuring, operating, and maintaining infrastructure to support low-latency applications. AWS Local Zones also allow customers with local data residency preferences in the Philippines to run parts of their applications in on-premises data centers and seamlessly connect to AWS while ensuring ultra-low latency for these types of hybrid deployments — all while using familiar AWS APIs and tools.

“AWS Local Zones will empower more public and private organizations, innovative startups, and AWS Partners to deliver a new generation of leading-edge, low-latency applications to end-users,” McNamara said. “This new AWS Local Zone is a continuation of our investment to support customers of all kinds and commitment to accelerate innovation by bringing cloud infrastructure to more locations in the Philippines.”

The new AWS Local Zone in Manila will join 16 existing AWS Local Zones across the United States and an additional 31 AWS Local Zones planned to launch in 25 countries around the world over the next two years.

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