Ambi Climate use AI for energy savings, comfort

Ambi Climate, an air conditioner accessory, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable air conditioner’s energy-saving features.

Through the smartphone app, the users just need to indicate their current body temperature. From this information, the Ambi Climate leverages AI to adjust the air conditioner. It claims to deliver up to a 30% reduction in AC energy consumption.

Ambi Climate provides tools to monitor and control the AC at home, offices, or just about anywhere anytime through the smartphone. Ambi Climate is also IFTTT and Amazon Alexa enabled, allowing users to control the AC based on location and enables voice control, and delivers a truly connected smart lifestyle.

Ambi Climate is suitable for LCD screen remote-controlled AC, whether it’s a window, wall-mounted or portable.

Set-up Guide Quick Steps

  • Download the free “Ambi Climate” app and sign up for an Ambi Climate account
  • Plug in the Ambi Climate and place the device in the same room1 as the AC
  • The LED blinks yellow rapidly as it’s booting up and slows down to a pulse when it is ready for setup. In-app, select “Add a Device,” then go to your smartphone’s WiFi settings to connect to the “AmbiClimateXXX” network
  • Return to Ambi Climate app and input the network SSID and password2. The LED will change to teal when Ambi Climate has successfully connected to the network and the cloud
  • Follow the in-app instructions to pair to the remote


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