Fujitsu unveils compact image scanner

Fujitsu Philippines Inc. announced today the launch of the fi-800R, a compact A4 image scanner for front office use. The has developed the fi-800R, the new compact A4 compatible scanner to assist booklet scanning and continuous auto document feeder (ADF) scanning.

The device also comes with a technology that corrects skewed documents one at a time, as well as software that checks document orientation and sorts documents for simplified pre-scanning operation.

The fi-800R is the smallest scanner in its class and is designed to fit in any limited space. Equipped with a Dual Path Mechanism, the device comes with Return Scan, perfect for scanning passports and ID cards and U-turn Scan, suitable for continuous scanning. The scanner automatically switches to the appropriate path depending on the location that documents are loaded so that users can complete scanning a mixed batch of documents at once without any interruptions to switch the paths on the scanner or profile settings in the software.

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The Return Scan enables users to scan documents of up to 5-mm thick and complete start to finish in front of the scanner. Designed for reception-use, the device easily scans identification documents such as thick plastic cards or passports, as well as folded documents, all without Carrier Sheet use. Documents are ejected from where they were originally scanned enabling users to scan and retrieve documents efficiently.

Equipped with ADF, the fi-800R scans A4-size documents continuously at a high speed of 40 ppm/80 ipm (color, 200 dpi/300 dpi). With this scanning method “U-turn Scan,” documents are placed in from the top device to eject again from the top. The stacker starts extending as scanning is initiated and returns back to its initial state once scanning is completed with Automatic Stacking Technology so that users can start loading subsequent batches easily. All these features enable the scanner’s space-saving design and allow users to scan, organize and retrieve documents while multi-tasking with the other hand.

The fi-800R has new feeding mechanisms that ensure steady scanning eliminating the need to rescan documents. The Automatic Skew Correction, that corrects skewed documents one by one, prevents documents from jamming or a part of a scanned image from appearing missing, even when documents are roughly set. The Active Separation structure, another new mechanism, prevents multifeed errors by applying an adjusted optimal amount of pressure to separate documents, according to the thickness or condition of a document to be scanned. Even when the scanner is used at a reception desk or service counter where a swift operation is required, it ensures steady scanning and supports smooth workflow without keeping customers waiting.

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