ASG Tech’s new unified platform simplifies digitization initiatives

ASG Technologies released its new digital automation platform ASG-Zenith, which is aimed at accelerating and simplifying business digitization initiatives.

ASG-Zenith creates a new approach to process automation and includes multiple technologies — such as business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA) and policy and content privacy — united through ASG-Studio, a single, common, visual design environment.

Businesses automating their processes face the pressures of increasing demands to connect and transact through digital channels, all while complying with increasing regulation of data privacy.

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ASG-Zenith empowers customers and partners to rapidly and seamlessly build flexible business solutions on top of common business services with out-of-box mobility, using a modern model-driven business platform, unlike alternative solutions that require cumbersome integration of multiple products. ASG-Zenith supports privacy by design, enabling policy-decision management through the same common design environment, ASG-Studio. With ASG-Studio, teams that know the business best can assemble, deploy and update automated processes without extensive technical training and specialized skills.

ASG-Zenith enables IT and business users to work together to leverage their respective knowledge of technology and the business to accelerate the delivery of automated processes. ASG-Zenith is introduced in a SaaS-based delivery model with future offerings for hybrid and on-premises deployments planned.

Existing ASG customers will be able to leverage their investment in ASG-Zenith across the extended enterprise with the ability to implement complex processes and content-rich applications, for capture and dissemination of content, through the seamless integration of ASG’s Process Services and Robotic Process Automation.

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