ATRAM enhances data management with Microsoft solutions

ATR Asset Management (ATRAM) Group, an independent asset and wealth management firm, has Microsoft Azure API Management and Azure Synapse Analytics into its system.

With Microsoft’s multi-cloud management platform and support services, ATRAM was able to expand and extend the scope of its capabilities with data, making its services and products available to multiple partners and customers.

“When we started implementing our digital strategy, we focused on improving accessibility and client experience,” said Cyrus Salvador, head of Digital Solutions at ATRAM. “Now we need to focus on elevating that client experience that sets us apart from competitors.” 

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Elevating the client experience meant that the asset manager needed to provide customized solutions and advice fit for the needs of clients across varying segments, with a view to improving go-to-market time. ATRAM recognized that access to data was not enough, especially when the data was scattered and siloed. 

Data processing, analytics, and management

Using Azure Synapse Analytics, ATRAM built a unified platform that enabled it to process sensitive and critical data efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Azure Synapse Analytics seamlessly integrated into ATRAM’s existing reporting infrastructure and allowed wider use of Power BI capabilities, allowing ATRAM’s teams to have quicker turnaround times for reporting. ATRAM can now tap into other data capabilities beyond descriptive functions and into predictive and prescriptive capabilities, such as forecasting future events or optimizing actions.

“The Azure data warehouse is an important initiative for us because this allows us to manage many different types of data: data from our clients, different investment products, and markets,” said Deanno Basas, CEO of Digital at ATRAM. 

API management

ATRAM is also utilizing Azure API Management for seamless processes between and among its APIs, which builds connectivity with ATRAM’s digital ecosystem. Azure API Management secures and monitors ATRAM’s APIs and their usage, as well as creates new business models for the asset manager. 

“The idea is to achieve a microservice or a service-oriented architecture that would help us achieve the open finance framework,” said Rowan de Chavez, manager of Application Development at ATRAM. “The open finance framework focuses on making services, as well as client and product information, available to multiple partners or parties.

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