Aveva Plant Industries

AVEVA, RIB partner to enhance project execution offerings for plant industries

Industrial software firm AVEVA signed a partnership agreement with digital technologies provider for the construction industry RIB Software (RIB) to enhance AVEVA’s Project Execution portfolio offering for process and plant industries.

The integration will extend the AVEVA Unified Project Execution solution to include new capabilities from the RIB MTWO platform such as enhanced estimation and project cost controls, more powerful dashboards and KPI monitoring, and optimized construction management with full Connected Worker capabilities in the Cloud.

Together with RIB, AVEVA will connect project teams and allow them to collaborate more effectively by bringing together the engineering, procurement, and construction functions to deliver a true design to delivery solution. AVEVA and RIB have committed to further integration and expansion of the new platform that will bring together AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management and AVEVA Contract Risk Management with RIB’s iTWO and MTWO solutions to create a world-leading end-to-end integrated, platform solution for multi-dimensional digital construction.

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Benefits include advanced estimation and cost controls for more accurate bidding, enhanced project monitoring through 4D and 5D simulations, tighter project management, improved cash flow control, as well as a reduction of waste and optimized use of scarce resources for enhanced sustainability. The joint offering will help the industry further align to emerging best practices that rely on collaboration, such as advanced work packaging (AWP), integrated project delivery, strategic procurement, and collaborative contracting.

Artificial intelligence

“Data-led project intelligence drives real-time transparency and elevates enterprise-wide business performance by connecting teams with data and boosting collaboration,” said Peter Herweck, CEO, AVEVA. “We are excited about the potential of incorporating RIB Software’s and AVEVA’s portfolio capabilities into a leading-edge digital project execution solution.”

The enhanced AVEVA Unified Project Execution platform will help capital project customers to connect teams, visualize data and reduce project execution risk by using artificial intelligence (AI) and the Cloud to boost safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

“We are excited to be working with AVEVA and helping them to extend their leadership in capital project execution for the process plant industries.”

“The next stage of our platform approach will accelerate existing gains from digital transformation to drive sustainable results for our customers,” said Amish Sabharwal, Executive Vice President, Engineering Business, AVEVA.